What is this thing?


This is an experimental, informal complement to Claris Engage, thrown together by Geist Interactive, with inspiration and support from the first few people we shared the idea with. We decided to do it just a week before Engage and didn’t get a chance to plan or send emails to all the vendors.

We have no idea if anyone will come. We didn't get a chance to plan or send emails to all the vendors. We just tossed out a few emails and got a few positive responses. We didn’t coordinate any of this with Claris: there just wasn’t time.

Why Auto Enter?

There are two main reasons we decided to do this. First, we just felt like some in the Claris/FileMaker Community would want to hang out like we have been doing for more than two decades. In times such as these, it felt important to honor that in some way.

The second reason is that many of the 3rd Party vendors rely on this event for a significant part of their sales every year. We all run sales, demo our products and meet with customers. The excitement and buzz generated by Engage is a good time to get new business. We hope that this will help that in some small way. But frankly we have no idea if it will.

Claris had to manage a great deal of uncertainty when planning Engage. They decided to not include any sponsorship or tradeshow as part of this year’s event: we can’t find fault with that. There were just too many unknowns and too little time for anything like planing a virtual tradeshow.

But we can throw something together quickly and experiment. That is what a community is for! So we are going to give it a try. Hope to see you in the Slacks!

How to Participate

If you'd like to get a Booth/Channel, please join the Slack and let us know in the "0-auto-enter-support" channel.

Join the Slack Space